Less is More

We’ve heard it before: less is more. 

Shelagh Cummins, business coach and entrepreneur, says it all the time:

Shake Your Moneymaker™ and do only the work that you love. 

Focusing on fewer tasks, conversations and social media networks = doing more work that matters to your business.

Do less. And do the things that you ARE doing better and with higher quality. Have a shorter to-do list with more things that are in the “done” category. Do fewer business development deals but make the ones you do have more impact…. You don’t need to be hot. You need to be successful and those are two different things. Success often comes from doing a few things extraordinarily well and noticeably better than the competition.

Fair point. You can’t be everywhere and doing everything but if you do fewer things more often, you will be more likely to succeed.

So you want content for your site / blog / ebook? There is an easy way to have the best of both worlds. And unicorns. Maybe.


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