How Often do You…?

What did you think I was going to write?

Never mind.

What I was going to type was ‘post’: How often do you post to your business blog?

The consensus is that one post per week is optimal for a small business, shared Ways to write: the old and the newover several days on a variety of social networks. There are a lot of opinions on this topic but, like all things, it comes down to what you can manage or afford.

A person whose business it is to blog will find they need to blog much more than that to keep their audience tuned in and growing. A person running a business selling gourmet dog biscuits? Perhaps not.

Remember: ‘Tis better to have blogged less, than never to have blogged at all! Okay, Tennyson wasn’t talking about content marketing but the sentiment is right. And if you need any help? Well, that’s what we’re here for.


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