Five Ways to get your eBook Out There

So you’ve written an eBook. Catchy title, witty narrative, all good stuff. But who is going to read it?

Now what? 

  1. EDIT! If you consider yourself something of a wordsmith, go ahead and write it but Selling your eBookdon’t skip the step of having it edited by someone else. We have a suggestion for that!
  2. Make it available on your website in PDF and other formats (.epub for e-readers and tablets, for example). Remember, the best way to share your content is to start on your own site, always drawing viewers back there.
  3. Put a nominal charge on it, format it for KINDLE and KOBO and get it up on Amazon and other locations. You will need an ISBN number and a great cover.
  4. Send people a free copy from your site if they sign up for your newsletter! It’s a good way to get a solid list of opt-in email addresses.
  5. Have some printed if you want to give them away at other events. Or do what a friend of mine did: get a cute branded USB key and put the book on there!

Self-publishing requires some marketing effort but you have to consider why you wrote the book in the first place.

  • Was it to position yourself as an expert in your field, so that you could in effect become the name on the tip of everyone’s tongue when they thought of your area of expertise?
  • Was it to make money by selling it?
  • Is it a step in an up sell to an eLearning course or does it stand on its own?

Consider the why and you will more easily come up with the how.

If you’re still considering whether or not to write an eBook or working with a ghostwriter on one, we have a five step guide available on our Resources page – it’s only $2.99. Less than a Starbucks and worth so much more!


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