A Day in the Life of a Ghostwriter

A ghostwriter wears different hats, depending on the type of work that they do, or the environment that they work in.

This is a typical day in my life: I work on a part time basis because the writing can be intensive. It’s not possible to write effectively for more than a few hours a day (or at least, that’s the case for me). So I intersperse other tasks throughout my schedule to keep my brain happy!

7 am – My day as a ghostwriter starts before Junior Boo is awake. I will check my email, my social media feeds and my calendar. It’s like a mental ‘wake up’ call to start getting prepped for the day.

big boo baby boo (1)

The time between 7:30 and 8:45 am is a blur of breakfast, dressing, lunch making and dropping off Junior Boo at school! I won’t bore you with the details.

Luckily, the school is exactly 1 minute and 35 seconds away from my front door (I’ve timed it), so I am back in my office at 8:47 am, enjoying a quiet cup of coffee and rechecking my email / social media / calendar.

I also answer any queries for services and schedule in any new work that has arrived, letting my client know when they can expect the piece they need. One of the things I pride myself on is communicating effectively with clients, ensuring that they always know where their projects stand.

Boo with coffee

9 am – We’re off to the races! I do my best writing post-coffee and pre-lunch, so I will turn off my email notifier and dive in to the ghost blogging or other writing that requires a lot of concentration, between 9 – 11 am. I know myself and I know this is the time when I’m most productive, so it’s the time to get writing. I leave research and other tasks to a later time, when my brain is, shall we say, less cooperative?

11 am – Break time! I’ll take a quick break to check email / social media and respond to anything that’s come in since 9.

11:15 am – Back to work! I’ll finish off any pieces started that morning or do some social media marketing for Content Ghost! Often, I will schedule conference calls for this time, whether to chat with a new / potential client about their ghostwriting needs or to plan some future posts with an existing client. With many, this all happens by email but there are plenty of times when a ‘real’ chat is in order.

12:30 pm – LUNCH! This is an important break because I actually PUT THE PHONE DOWN and, if the weather is good, will take a few minutes to enjoy it. If it’s not, I’ll take a few minutes to enjoy Downton Abbey on Netflix. I can’t get enough of Cousin Violet!

What do ghosts eat for lunch? Whatever is in the fridge that isn’t growing fuzz! The key is to plan ahead but I don’t always do that. Thank goodness for leftovers!

Boo with sandwich

1:15pm ‘ish’ – I take up the pen again and continue with posts, newsletters, eBook writing or whatever other ghostwriting is on the calendar. I’ll often do research at this time for upcoming posts: it’s less intensive than the writing itself and therefore less likely to lead to keyboard prints on my ghostly forehead.

If there’s time, I squeeze in some marketing for Content Ghost, including networking online, creating Facebook ads or the like.

3:25 pm – It’s time to pick up Junior Boo and have some play time / homework time / snack time and whatever else needs doing. You know… those pesky things like picking up groceries? Wine? And another check of email / social media. If it’s been a busy day, I’ll try and set Junior Boo up with a play date so I can squeeze in another hour and a half of time before my ghost brain goes BLANK.

5:30 pm – I start to prep dinner or I’m dealing with an after school sport / play date pick up. It’s one or the other! Luckily, I have Grandma Boo around to help with this feeding portion of the day. It’s really incredible that Junior Boo needs to eat THAT many times a day. Sheesh!

5:30 – 8:30 – Family time and Junior Boo’s bed time… also known as wine time.

Boo with wine

8:30 pm – Another check of social media but email is done for the day. I have to set limits or I get thoroughly worked up and can’t calm down and relax!

Now it’s time to read all the articles I bookmarked throughout the day, set up some posts on Facebook for Content Ghost if I didn’t have time earlier, and hopefully get in a chapter or two of whatever novel I’m reading at that moment. All writers MUST read and read prolifically or the writing won’t come. Trust me on this.

11:30 pm – Lights out! See you all on the sleep side!

Boo with moon




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